Construction of a modern multi-user logistics centre at the neska location in Ladenburg


neska is developing a new modern multi-user logistics centre at its Ladenburg location.

This will allow us to offer our customers in the regional economy a cutting-edge logistics service that ensures their economic success over the long term. In addition, up to 140 jobs are to be created at the new location with a remuneration structure above the standard pay scales.

In the construction and operation of our new logistics centre, we are attributing the highest degree of importance to safety and sustainability. In this respect, we are using state of the art technology for the design and equipment of the storage facility and the security infrastructure. Extensive organisational security concepts will also ensure that the system is compliant with the rules and regulations, as well as the secure operation of the storage facilities.

In the following, we would like to present the project to you, with all its relevant aspects, in further detail.

Operational description

Modern logistics – with safety and responsibility

With the ground-breaking ceremony on 27.7.2020, a modern logistics centre including a facility for hazardous substances will be built at our Ladenburg site, where approx. 110 industrial and 30 commercial employees will be working.

The storage facility is a setup requiring a permit pursuant to Art. 4 of the German Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchV), and is subject to the Major Accidents Ordinance.

The last incident inspection by the Karlsruhe Regional Council took place on 23 November 2022.

In addition to loading and unloading transport vehicles, the range of services includes the storage of packaged goods – exclusively in the closed, officially approved and original containers of the manufacturers. No open handling of goods takes place.

Order picking, labelling and packaging as well as administration and document creation complete the range of services. A traffic volume of approx. 200 trucks per working day can be expected on site. The trucks bypass the city centre.


Operating hours

Storage facility  Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 22:00 hrs.
Administration  Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 18:30 hrs.

Geographical location

Short distances, optimum integration and connections

The new complex is directly adjacent to Ladenburg Chemical Park. Its central location between the A5 and A6 motorways (each approx. 5-10 km away), and just 15 km from the Mannheim Container Terminal and 70 km from Frankfurt Airport, ensures the optimum transport connections. Inbound and outbound transports do not travel through the city centre.

ladenburg vogelperspektiveLogistics facts

Optimum infrastructure, capacities and equipment

The building complex is divided into three hall areas, which are sub-divided into 18 storage areas. The total storage space of 50,000 sqm offers a capacity of approx. 70,000 PP (basis CP1). It includes a narrow aisle racking system, which is operated by inductively guided narrow aisle trucks, and a wide aisle racking system, which is filled and emptied by reach trucks. Two storage areas are set aside for cold storage (2 to 8 degrees). A total of 57 loading gates ensure the fast, smooth loading and unloading of the trucks.


For the sake of the environment – climate neutrality in focus

A photovoltaic system with a capacity of 749 kW/p (approx. 749,000 kW/h per year) will guarantee the self-sufficiency of the cooling system and the further power supply. The goal is to achieve CO2-neutrality through several expansionary steps of the PV system. The operation of a fleet of e-trucks for regional transits is also planned.


Of course, all necessary permits will be obtained:

  • Approval according to the German Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG)
  • Major accident plant with extended safety and reporting obligations
  • Water hazard classes 1 to 3
  • Approved storage classes according to Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 510


TRGS 510
Storage Class (SC)

Description of storage class according to TRGS-510


Flammable liquids


Flammable solids


Pyrophoric or self-igniting substances


Highly oxidising substances


Oxidising substances


Cat. 3 combustible hazardous substances with acute toxicity / toxic hazardous substances or substances with chronic effects


Cat. 3 non-combustible hazardous substances with acute toxicity / toxic hazardous substances or substances with chronic effects


Combustible corrosive substances


Non-combustible corrosive substances


Combustible liquids that cannot be assigned to any of the above SC


Combustible liquids that cannot be assigned to any of the above SC


Non-combustible liquids that cannot be assigned to any of the above SC


Non-combustible solids that cannot be assigned to any of the above SC


Safety equipment

Safety is a top priority at neska. That is why we focus on maximum quality from every perspective, both technical and organisational, and comply strictly with the statutory requirements – from averting and combating hazards through to protecting the environment.

Hazard prevention measures:

  • Ex-protection equipment
  • Lightning protection system
  • Natural and technical air exchange
  • Gas warning devices
  • Smoke and heat extraction system
  • Visual smoke detectors

Hazard control measures

  • Fire alarm system with direct connection to the fire brigade
  • Manual fire alarm
  • Shelf and ceiling sprinklers
    • Water sprinkler system
    • Water sprinkler system with foam concentrate
  • Smoke and heat extraction system
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Wall hydrants

Environmental protection measures

  • Extinguishing water retention of the entire contents of the sprinkler tank in the hall through the lowering of the hall floor
  • Certified WGK-foil (WGK = water hazard class) in the entire hall area as well as in the underground area in front of the ramps
  • Manual isolation from the public sewer system
  • Loading and unloading of trucks at the rear, no transhipment on the traffic areas outside the hall areas

Organisational measures

In an optimally functioning safety concept, established standards and routines which have to be strictly adhered to in the daily work processes play a key role.

Pre-testing – NPI process (New Product Introduction)

This includes the preliminary examination of new substances to be stored according to the NPI process (new product introduction). This is completed with the support of IT by logging the relevant hazard characteristics.

Before the start of any storage project for hazardous substances, the relevant safety data sheets (SDS) are checked in advance. This task focuses on the following factors in particular:

  • Approval conformity
  • Major accident substances to be licensed separately
  • Storage hazard classes and quantities
  • Extinguishing agent compatibility
  • Storage temperature
  • Package sizes, etc.

Storage facility management system

Our storage facility management system ensures compliance with the statutory prohibition of combined storage, taking the quantity limits into account. The TRGS 510 storage hazard class system (TRGS = Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances) is used to manage the compliance with the hazardous substances and approval regulations. The conformity of the approval situation is checked at the level of the section of the storage facility.

The basic parameters of the check at a glance (MUST-HAVE criteria):

  • Prohibition of combined storage
  • Hazard characteristics and/or quantities per hazard characteristic
  • Total capacity (tonnes)

These are, of course, supplemented by the consideration of extinguishing agent compatibility. A high degree of automation of the storage facility processes also ensures error-free operations in accordance with the standards described.

Implementation of the enhanced safety and reporting obligations

The enhanced safety and reporting obligations are implemented through the following instruments and concepts:

  • Safety report
  • Safety management system (SMS)
  • Major Accident prevention concept
  • Operational alarm and hazard prevention plan
  • Operating instructions (hazardous material, technical, organisational), procedural and work instructions

Please find here our leaflet "Behaviour in case of emergency" for your information.


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